Decentralised over-the-counter trading
Swarm Markets’ dOTC (decentralized over-the-counter) trading service is the first of its kind to enable enable institutions and professional investors to make high-value peer-to-peer crypto and NFT block trades.
dOTC will be available for trading all authorized assets on Ethereum and Polygon in Q1 2022.


The so-called dOTC service empowers institutions and professional investors to carry out large volume trades directly with other Swarm Markets platform users, replacing costly and time-consuming traditional over-the-counter (OTC) trading.
The peer-to-peer (P2P) contract will facilitate high-value transactions, reduce slippage and remove counterparty risk, as all users on Swarm Markets are qualified.
The smart contract replaces the need for financial intermediaries, typically found in complex and costly OTC trading arrangements.

What assets can be traded with dOTC

The dOTC contract can be used for a wide range of digital assets (including ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155 and SX1411 asset backed tokens), enabling participants to trade high value NFTs and to facilitate smoother liquidation of crypto positions.
dOTC will also enable contract-based block trades for upcoming regulated digital securities, further extending the cost savings available to high volume traders.

How it works

Swarm Markets clients place a buy or sell order for eligible assets using the dOTC contract and select the transaction volume and price.
Much like an escrow account, assets held by the smart contract can only be redeemed to a crypto wallet once all terms have been fulfilled.

How can I access dOTC?

You must be a verified user on the Swarm Markets platform in order to use dOTC.
Sign up here at or email us: [email protected].
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